Biblical Studies Ministries International

Study Listing

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Dr. Eugene Kimble

'Alleged Discrepancies in the Bible'
'Interpreting Jesus' Parables'
      'Biblical Theology: Hermeneutical Principles'
      'A Concise Commentary on the Book of Isaiah'
      'The Day of the Lord'
      'The Eternal Gospel'
      'Small Flock Groups'

Dr. Timothy Lin

'The Kingdom of God and Discipleship'
      'The Kingdom and What It Means to the Life of the Believer'
      'Genesis: A Biblical Theology'
      'How the Holy Spirit Works in Believers' Lives Today'
      'Conscience: The Voice of God Within'

Dr. Allan MacRae

    'The Millennial Kingdom: A Glorious Future'

Dwight L. Moody

    'A Brief Biography'
    'Stories about Revivals'
    'Why God Used Moody'

George Mueller

    'Life of George Mueller'

Charles Haddon Spurgeon

    'Spurgeon's Life'
    'Spurgeon's Sermons'

Michael J. Svigel

    'The Apocalypse of John and the Rapture of the Church: A Reevaluation.'

Dr. Geerhardus Vos

    'The Idea of Biblical Theology as a Science and as a Theological Discipline'

Dr. Wilber Wallis

    'The Coming Kingdom: A Study of the Book of Revelation'

Short Studies

Previously Unpublished Articles by  Dr. Timothy Lin

    'How to Grow Up to Be a Fully Mature Christian'
    'How to Illustrate Your Sunday School Lesson'
    'Inferiority Complex'
    'Principles the New Testament Writers Used When Quoting the Old'
    'The Secret of Church Growth: God’s Presence with Us'
    'Why Christians Worship on the Lord’s Day (Sunday) and Not on the Sabbath (Saturday)'

Selected Articles from Dr. Timothy Lin's Longer Published Works

    'Blessings from Knowing and Resting upon God's Biblical Name Yahweh'
    'Did Jesus Descend into Hell?'
    'Genuineness and Mosaic Authorship of Genesis'
    'God's Discipline upon Those Who Are Unrepentant and Disobedient'
    'How to Be Filled with the Holy Spirit for Effective Ministry, Both Sacred and Secular'
    'How to Let the Holy Spirit Bear His Fruit Through Us'
    'How We Can Know and Understand God and the Things that Belong to Him'
    'Inspiration and Truthfulness of the Bible'
    'The Christian's Progress from Faith to Sonship to Service to Victory'
    'What Is Man?'
    'What Sin Is and How It Can Gain Power over Us'
    'Who Are the Sons of God Who Married the Daughters of Men?'

The Wuchow China Bible School under War Conditions (1938-1940) by  Dr. William Newbern

    'The Story of the Wuchow Bible School, 1938-1940, Under War Conditions'