Biblical Studies Ministries International

Touched Lives

Stories of SalvationHow I Came to Christ

Jenny Brake, wife and mother, artist and photographer
Tom Eads, M.D., Specialist in Skin Diseases
Christine Inman, High School Senior
Jim Jordan, Manager of a Computer Training Center
Paul (Saul), Worst of Sinners but also Missionary, Author, Apostle, and Martyr
The Story of Wang, Miraculous Conversion of an Illiterate Chinese Farmer
Donald H. Warner, President of Warners Motor Express, Inc.

Stories of God's ProvisionAnswers to Prayer

Jim Bottom, Dentist and retired Air Force Colonel
King David, Shepherd, Soldier, Author, King of God's People, Israel
Ezra, Priest, Scribe and, under God, Rebuilder of Devastated Jerusalem
Harry Hughes, Retired Area Sales Manager for Sharon Steel Corp.
Christine Inman, High School Senior

Stories of WitnessingHow God Used Me to Lead Another to Himself

Jesus Christ, Messiah and the Only Begotten Son of the Living God
Eugene Kimble, Ph.D.
Philip, Early Disciple of Jesus, called "the Evangelist"
Philip Schaff, A Brief Account of Evangelism in the Early Church (100-300 A.D.)
R. Stanley Tam, Founder of United States Plastic Corp.