Biblical Studies Ministries International

Small Group Ministries

Small group ministries abound throughout the churches in America and around the world.  Many churches have come to realize the need to connect with one another in small group settings for a variety of purposes.  One example of such a ministry is Flock Groups of College Park at College Park Church in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The Bible often uses the metaphor of the sheep and the shepherd.   Christ Jesus was the chief shepherd and the flock was and is the Christian church.   Christ ministered to large gatherings of people as well as up front and personal in  the lives of His people in small gatherings in homes and community groups.  His "small group" seemed to be the disciples and those that traveled close to Him.  Following that model, those who formed flock group ministries see all who attend their church as part of the flock, or congregate group, that the Holy Spirit has led to fellowship together at their location, and they welcome and encourage all who attend to become a part of a small flock group.

Biblical Studies Ministries International is currently hosting the Flock Group Ministry website of College Park Church and makes available for download all aspects of the ministry, including weekly application discussion guides.  If you find this information helpful, contact us and let us know.  We appreciate your feedback.