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Biblical Studies Ministries International, Inc., is a non-profit corporation domiciled in Indiana, which is also the location for the data regarding our Web Site. Our purpose is to edify, to strengthen and bless God's people worldwide with His life-giving Word. We intend to accomplish this by making quality, biblically sound study material available, primarily through electronic media, in different languages. Our material may be downloaded without charge and also photocopied by those who adhere to our Reprint Policy.

We recognize that God is working through other individuals (who may have more wisdom, spiritual understanding and God's grace than we do) and praise God for putting them in His Church. We greatly desire to work with likeminded believers but will avoid any alliance that would compromise our statement of faith or our purpose to strengthen and bless God's people among all races and cultures.

Martin Luther once said, "Unless man is always humble, distrustful of himself, always fears his own understanding... passions... will, he will be unable to stand for long without offense. Truth will pass him by." In the same spirit John Calvin insisted upon being buried in an unmarked grave. Likewise, we are not in this God-given ministry to build a kingdom, so organizational survival will not dominate our decisions. Rather, it is our prayer that the Lord may use this instrument to His own glory by assisting many believers to a fuller and deeper understanding of His precious Word. Further, may He use this undertaking to move many readers to respond to the Word of God today, and may He be pleased even more to use all our books, writings, and lives to that same high and holy end.

Our Goal

The goal of Biblical Studies Ministries International, Inc. is to promote God's life-giving Word for the edification and encouragement of Christians, that they may be rebuked, cleansed and strengthened for the glory of God and the advancement of His Kingdom. Since we have freely received, we freely give our materials (Matthew 10:8).